World Environment Day

World Environment Day

5th June 2020

Today is World Environment Day.

If this pandemic has shown us anything it is that are actions have an impact and it is down to us whether we choose to act with a positive or negative impact on others and the world around us.

While we couldn’t travel far we have walked and used our bikes, spent more time exploring our green spaces and looking to our local community for support.

With less pollution from planes, cars and factories so nature has bloomed, the air is cleaner and we can breathe better. Why would you want to go back?

Lets hold on to what we’ve learnt and use it in what we do for now onwards.

For us, we pledge to assess all we do when building smart communities to ensure we adhere to, no – scub that – we will pioneer and exceed in environmental standards.

See how we’ve lead with sustainability while still providing affordable housing in our proposed eco housing development for Watton Village

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