Bridport, Dorset

Watton Village

Smart Community

A holistic approach to social, economic and environmental sustainability creating an energy efficient housing development that respects and enhances the existing landscape and places the wellbeing of the community at the forefront of the design.

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Watton Village, What & Why

What is the proposal? We want to build:

215 Rental Homes

Secure leases of up to 7 years on affordable homes with rents at or below Local Housing Allowances.

26 Shared Ownership

Shared ownership allows young people and families to get on the housing ladder at an affordable price.

26 Homes for Sale

A proportion of houses for sale ensures a balance of tenures and an opportunity for people to move within the community as circumstances change.

Help tackle

We want to help tackle the Bridport housing crisis.

Reduce the more...

than 400 Households on Bridport Housing Register.

Counter the loss...

of homes caused by right-to-buy sales.

Watton Village, Who...

How affordable is affordable?

Families trapped

in high cost private rented accommodation in and round Bridport, Dorset.

Key workers

Including professions such as teachers, nurses and firefighters.

Unsuitable housing

Help those who are currently living in temporary or unsuitable housing.

Watton Village, Where...

The home of Watton Village.

  • Watton Hill

    The location will be around the base of Watton Hill.

  • 79 Acres

    The whole area of the hill and its lower slopes is 79 acres.

  • 27 Acres

    The actual development site is 27 acres of which a very small amount is built on – the rest being gardens, public open space, woodland and roads.

Fact: 5,000 trees will be planted.

Energy & Conservation

Making affordable to rent, affordable to run also.

Solar Panels

All roofs are photovoltaic cells, generating more energy than it uses. Surplus energy will be stored on site in batteries.

5,000 New Trees

Strip lynchets provide inspiration for site landform. Important trees retained and 5000 new trees planted, Watton Hill will becomes a public open space.

No Flood Risk

Sustainable drainage system – no flood risk. Water collected and stored for use on gardens and open spaces. A series of ponds and swales creates new bio diversity.

Dorset Wildlife Trust

In partnership with RSPB / Dorset Wildlife Trust. Create a range of habitats for different types of wildlife. Planting to encourage and strengthen breeding and numbers.


Pasture managed as public open space / wildlife friendly meadow. Better management of woodland and hedgerows. Convert some pasture to fruit and nut orchards.

Roads & Traffic

Safe crossing at junction to A3005 and route to school enhanced. No vehicular access to Pymore Road - Sustrans Cycle Route protected. Research reveals very low impact on existing traffic patterns.

Financial Model

Affordable means Affordable

Affordable rents will repay the cost of the development and provide for maintenance over that period.

40 Years at No Cost

Development land will be provided for 35/40 years at no cost, by the Watton Hill Trust.

Pioneering Partnership

Pioneering partnership between a major city institution, the WDDC and landowner.

When might it be built?

With your support we could be building early in 2020.