The people who are the face of Bridport’s housing crisis

The people who are the face of Bridport’s housing crisis

3rd August 2020

We recently shared the figures of the Housing shortage in Bridport. The 441 households (equating to around 1000 people) who are on the housing register because they are unable to find affordable places to live.

But it is easy to become numb to the numbers. We wanted to be able to share the stories of the real people who are impacted by this problem. 

Like Liz

“I just wanted to get in touch and say that I’m also in desperate need of affordable housing.  I’m a single (not by choice) mum of 4, have been living and working for the NHS in Bridport for 25 years. I’m privately renting and it is not affordable for me and is causing me problems with my physical and mental health. It would be my absolute dream to live in one of your Watton Village homes. I’m still waiting to hear if I’ve even been accepted on the housing list, expect I’ll have to wait for years for a home and just don’t know how much longer I can cope. I have tried to manage in private rented without asking for housing help, I wish people like me.”

And like Jim

“We are unhappy forced into private rental accommodation.

With sky high rental costs, unable to get a mortgage at my age, been in the same house now for 11 yrs and can’t do anything about it, no options. The council tax on top is extreme.  We are foster Carers and to be able to live in a 3/4 bedroom house where the heating bills are low would be a massive help not only to us but the kids we are helping. 

My daughter is in the same situation as can’t earn enough to get a mortgage.”

And like Jon

“I was born in Bridport, lived my first 23 years less than 3 miles away, then bought my first house – a 1 bed terraced cottage here.  Married and with a family, a separation resulted in a move to a rented property where I am now. 
I have a deposit ready for a house purchase.  I want to stay in Bridport as this is my hometown, my place of work and to be near my family.  I’d like a larger house  – minimum 2 bedrooms – to accommodate my 2 children who stay with me at weekends (when I sleep on my sofa), but I’m unlikely to be able to afford to buy anything much bigger than I already live in at the moment due the current market.”

And like this mum too

“I have personally been on the bidding list since December 2019 due to needing a bigger home for my 6 year old son who is disabled.  I currently live in a flat and have nothing but problems due to it not being big enough for my sons wheelchair and other equipment he needs. I would love to be able to get a bigger home for our family to make our lives easier as it’s a constant daily struggle for us, the back garden is inaccessible to him as it’s on a slope and very uneven and due to him having hypotonia he’s very unsteady on his feet. 

I think the Watton village project will be amazing for Bridport, I know of so many families including myself who are in desperate need for bigger homes but there are currently none that are coming up on the bidding list.”

Affordability, quality of living space for different sized families and essentially for local people.

Without this plan where will the people and families live who work and support Bridport and it’s wider population?

Where do young people start their working life journey, where do young families build their lives together?

That’s what we are about and with your support and help we can make this happen.  

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