Watton Village Project Update

Watton Village Project Update

10th November 2021

Hello to our followers and supporters. It’s awhile since we last talked to you and we wanted to give an update and small insight into the work we have been doing. We are very pleased to say that we have completed our second pre planning application and submitted it for scrutiny to Dorset Council Planners.

We count ourselves lucky to have a hugely experienced team of professionals working alongside us who have put together an application that meets many of the criteria demanded by Planning legislation whilst meeting the key need for affordable housing with a premium on climate change and community building within Bridport and West Dorset. 

The need for sustainable affordable housing grows and the number of people and families negatively affected by the current rise in rents, house cost inflation is now at record levels. 

Our new plans seek to solve some of the problems for Bridport and our Architect, Jonathan Lovett will outline below our aims and ambitons. We want to make it a win-win for working people, for the wider community and for the Planet. 

With your continued support we can get this done and move forward to solve more of the affordable housing problems across other Dorset communities and towns. Our thanks to Dorset Council for supporting our 2nd application and your patience staying with our project. As soon as we have any further news you will be the first to know. 

Vince Adams

In the forefront of the proposal is sustainability. The homes will be built to Net Zero Carbon using modular home construction methods.  They can achieve Net Zero Carbon by reducing the amount of heat that is lost from the home, the use of energy efficient equipment and low to zero carbon technologies installation such as PV roof panels and air source heat pumps. 

Offsite modular construction ensures that carbon emissions generated in the process are measured, controlled and reduced accordingly. Waste is also greatly minimised in comparison to onsite construction.  

The materials are responsibly resourced and have low embodied carbon where possible, for example, the primary structural material of cross laminated timber (CLT) which usually has lower embodied carbon than steel or concrete.  

Our ambitions for the village are not limited just to sustainability in construction. We plan to build excellent homes in a beautifully designed landscape setting, with a real neighbourhood feel, play spaces, water features, allotments, separation of traffic from people and children, enhanced bio diversity and amenity space.

Jonathan Lovett

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